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The ultimate Final Fantasy 15 collector's item will cost you almost £375,000


Laughing Audi way to the bank.

Final Fantasy 15 is getting a one-off collector's item that will cost you almost £375,000. For that, though, you get a special edition Audi R8 Star of Lucis, with design details inspired by Square Enix's upcoming RPG.

"This is designed for the Prince of Lucis by Audi which is proudly received a Royal Warrant from the Kingdom of Lucis," the official blurb proudly states. The R8 comes in Ultrossic Black, said to reflect the royal black of the Kingdom of Lucis, while it carries special embossing and Lucis emblem wheels. Underneath all that is a 5.2 litre R8 V10, its power delivered via a 7-speed transmission and taking it to a top speed of 330km/h.

All of which is impressive, but there's still a heavy mark-up - a standard R8, if you're in the market for one, would set you back £119,520 in the UK. It probably won't look quite as swish as the Audi R8 Star of Lucis, mind.

If you want the Audi R8 Star of Lucis - and despite everything, I think I kind of do - a lottery application site is scheduled to open on November 21st. Get those chequebooks and pens at the ready.

The partnership might seem ludicrous, but it's not unprecedented. Codemasters released a special edition of Grid 2 that came with a specially branded BAC Mono and came with a £125,000 price tag, and there was a Saints Row 4 special edition that promised a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Toyota Prius for £1,000,000.

The Audi R8 Star of Lucis looks a little bit classier than that, though, even if it doesn't come bundled with a copy of Final Fantasy 15.

Martin Robinson, Eurogamer

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