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Shop Heroes and Eon Altar named runners-up at MIGS 2015 Big Indie Pitch


You may have already read that Grumz walked away with the top prize from our Big Indie Pitch at the Montreal International Game Summit, but it was by no means an easy contest.

Narrowly missing out were Shop Heroes from Cloudcade and Eon Altar from Flying Helmet Games, whose efforts earned them 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Eon Altar pushes the boundaries of pocket gaming more than an iPad Pro, but its conceit is nonetheless fascinating.

Currently on Steam Early Access, the dev says that this multiplayer turn-based RPG aims to evoke nerdy teenage nights spent playing tabletop games and eating pizza.

Because we, as serious adults, obviously don't do that sort of thing anymore. Honest.

The mobile twist? Your smartphone is your controller, meaning each player has their own screen that they can use to either co-operate or deceive.

Shop Heroes, on the other hand, is a mobile take on the likes of Recettear and insane 3DS gem Weapon Shop de Omasse in that you play an average Joe shopkeeper dude and not the monster-slaying hero.

A heavily strategic and menu-driven affair, Shop Heroes is robust and boasts great art. One of its greatest strengths, however, is the potential to earn hard currency through trading.

Eon Altar Episode 1 (yep, it's episodic) is available now via Steam Early Access, and Shop Heroes is available on iOS [free] and Android [free].

For a chance to win thousands of dollars of advertising and to see your game in an article like this one, you can still register for the Big Indie Pitch at Apps World London.

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